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How We Do Resurfaces and Repairs

Generally, we have to do some repair work. All old surfaces need a certain amount of prep work. Depending on the severity of the old surface repairs can be as little as a skin patch or level course, all the way up to saw cut areas, milling or grinding to total demolition, all the way down to the base rock.

Our years of experience is what separates us from other paving contractors. We know which job requires what prep/repair work, and don't bid for it unless needed. Knowing the correct way to do a job is cost effective for both us and our customers. We don't have to come back and repair. And the customer doesn't have to pay for an unnecessary charge on the initial bid.

Asphalt Re-Caps And Overlays Are Vital To Extending The Life Of Any Surface

Potholes are fall risks to customers. Also heavily-cracked areas throughout the surface will only get worse. If they aren't addressed early, and repaired, normal maintenance such as a sealcoat prevents the surface from deteriorating to a point of a major repair.

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