Sealcoating Isn't Only Important For Visual Appeal

It's a preventative protective seal coat that costs a lot less than having to repair or replace asphalt.

We only use a commercial grade asphalt sealer and hot melt rubber crack filler.

Our coal tar sealer never comes out of a bucket. It's concentrated commercial grade. 

And our rubberized crack filler is made up of big blocks of rubber that require a propane direct fire or hot oil-jacketed melter. The block of crack filler is heated until it turns to liquid in order to penetrate deep down into the larger cracks. 

Silica sand is used in the mix according to the condition of the asphalt surface and in some cases of extreme cracking a pre-treated sealer and sand spot brushed procedure might be needed before the actual seal coat application.

Remember: Maintenance costs way less than a repair!

Our Sealcoating Process

Here's how we get the job done.

Step 1

Air and broom clean the entire surface being seal coated as needed—removing all dirt, debris and vegetation.

Step 2

We then prep the surface, filling all larger cracks. Any badly cracked/spider webbed areas get a brush coat of sealer and sand. And then we allow it to dry before applying the sealcoat.

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